A downloadable game for Windows

This is Punk Robot!

A Jazz Jackrabbit 2 inspired platformer, with a Comic Book flair!

Join the intrepid automechanical, Punk Robot, as he tackles the terrors of space!

While 'only' a game jam entry, Punk Robot is a full featured platformer with three difficulty modes, lots of collectibles, some pizzazz, and robot with a heart of gold! No, really, his heart is made of the stuff. He's actually kind of a jerk.

Created in Godot,  an open source game engine, for the github Game Off Game Jam! That means all the project files are available on github at: pxlgamedev/Punk-Robot

Install instructions

Extract the rar file, and run the "Punk Robot.exe" !


Punk Robot.rar 50 MB
Punk Robot.zip 66 MB


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I can't unzip a rar! Can you upload a zip too?

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You can download the files direct from the github here: https://github.com/pxlgamedev/Punk-Robot/tree/DailySync/Exports/Punk%20Robot

Just need "Punk Robot.exe" and "Punk Robot.pck" in the same directory to run. I will add a zip file as well, though.

Zip archive is now available. :)